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BANKS’ New Video is Creepy as Hell, But Also Sexy

Rolling around on a pile of old ropes is hot, apparently.

by Daisy Jones
16 August 2016, 9:43am

Sometimes, I like to imagine a parallel universe in which I never became a writer, but became a famous popstar instead, because it would be so much cooler. But then I watch music videos like BANKS’ “Gemini Feed” (below) and remember that in order to be a popstar you have to make doing things like rolling around on a pile of old ropes look sexy, or at least interesting, and I would look fucking ridiculous if I did that; people would think I was having a major quarter-life crisis. They might even call an ambulance. It’s not fair, is it?

Anyway, all of which is to say: BANKS has released a new video and it’s freaky as fuck but also very hot in a way that only a chosen few can get away with. She has eyelashes that are the size of dinner plates, a long forked tongue that is made of silver metal, and spends a lot of time writhing around on the floor and flailing her arms around seductively. It’s also yet another exhibit for how everything on this planet is influenced by FKA Twigs, who is the lowkey queen of pop culture and all that is good in the universe.

Watch the video below, and click here to read our BANKS profile.