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Wondering... My Mini VICE Photo Issue

CHRISTmas really brings out the worst in people, so here are some photos to cheer you up.

by Bruce LaBruce
07 December 2011, 2:50pm

It’s the most psychotic time of the year. CHRISTmas really brings out the worst in people: crass materialism, obsessive consumerism, phony cheer and good will, excessive drinking and eating, isolation and loneliness, religious fundamentalism, etc. So as a consolation present to you, I offer my own private mini VICE photo issue, a compendium of mostly previously unpublished images I’ve taken over the past several years that, for me, really nail the holiday spirit. Happy Jesus’ Birthday!

Next Week: Exit Through the Gift Shop: It’s an Exit, Not an Entrance!

No, I did not take this photo on the Penn State campus.

Gio Black Peter does pink flamingoes.

They just heard that the US Congress has lifted the ban on the slaughter of horses for the purpose of human consumption.

Two heads are better than one.

In Tokyo, even the traffic signs are artistic.

You’ve heard of the Venus de Milo. Meet Milo de Venus.

A very Christ-like beggar in Lisbon, Portugal.

I know it’s Christmas when Dad shows up with a dead beaver.

Some blingy Catholic saint in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Artist Brian Kenny in his underwear. Merry Christmas!

Johnny Ramone’s gravestone in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Toronto photog Jeff Harris’ post-operation stitches.

Some randy bastard’s apartment.

The amazing No Bra performs at The Beaver in Toronto.

Performance artist crucified on a car in Krems, Austria.

Baby-eating zombie.

Production still from my movie Otto; or, Up with Dead People, featuring Stefan as the demented butcher.

Behind the scenes Otto production still: Smoking zombie!

Beggar with nice sweater. Lisbon, Portugal.

Canadian dancer Robin Weins makes death fashionable again.

Salt and pepper gay football performance art in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Production still from my performance piece for X Homes Johannesburg.

X Homes Johannesburg.

X Homes Johannesburg.

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