Ayia Napa Is a Paradise

A place where decency goes to die.

30 August 2012, 8:00am

Hey, did you know "Ayia Napa" is Greek for "holy wooded valley"? Of course you don't, because the brain cells of yours with that info imprinted upon evaporated out on that island this summer. Together with your decency. And your girlfriend's decency. And your girlfriend's friend's decency.

If you haven't visited already – i.e. if you're reading this and you're not British – maybe these photos will help convince you that it's time to get out there and manhandle a stranger's genitals in a swimming pool while a crowd looks on, puking up to Skrillex and throwing condoms at your head.

Check out some of Stephen Burke's work here and here.

Does your town or city qualify for paradise status? Feel free to send your pitches to ukphotoblog@vice.com. We won't bite.

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