John McAfee Is in Guatemala City and He Just Hired the Best Lawyer in the Country

We were there, eating a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit.

Photo by Robert King

This morning I had a delicious breakfast of crepes and fresh fruit with John McAfee and his 20-year-old Belizean girlfriend, Sam Vanegas, at a luxurious resort in Guatemala City. We awoke early, preparing for our meeting with powerful Guatemalan lawyer and former Attorney General Telésforo Guerra. He also happens to be Sam’s uncle.

Less than 30 minutes ago, after explaining his situation in detail, John retained the services of Mr. Guerra. He has agreed to help John untangle the web of confusion and – according to John – corruption that has taken over his life in Belize since April.

“I’ve been on the run for three weeks,” John said to Mr. Guerra. “I crossed the border into Guatemala with the reporters from VICE and your niece. We have passports, but we have no entry stamps into Guatemala or exit stamps from Belize. I need a lawyer, sir.”

They shook hands, we handed over our passports to Mr. Guerra, and John professed his love for Sam: “I have known Samantha for a year and a half. She is a remarkable young woman. I love her very much and we are getting married. Unfortunately you will have a potential criminal in the family. My apologies for that, and I will do the best I can to make it up to you.” Mr. Guerra smiled and chuckled.

John’s face relaxed as a wave of exhaustion and relief washed over him. Later in my hotel room, after reading aloud what I had written above to the happy lovers, Sam said, “That sounds good! Finally you used your brain and not your ass.” I promise that in the coming weeks, once we wrap up our documentary and corresponding magazine piece, you will find out exactly what that means.

In the coming days – most likely tomorrow – John will hold a press conference in Guatemala City at a location that is to be determined. I have been with John and Sam for the last five days, and very soon the world will be able to watch everything that happened along the way. It has been dangerous, amazing, touching and many other adjectives that I cannot remember right now because I am so exhausted and blown away by it all.

Stay tuned for more reporting on this story as it unfolds.

Photo by Robert King

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