Is Music Better than Corrie? Find Out in This Week's Seven Most Played

Do you prefer a big balearic mix or a bacon buttie down Roy's Rolls?

Mar 31 2017, 10:53am

I stopped watching Coronation Street recently. It wasn't a conscious decision, wasn't any kind of stand, wasn't any comment on the quality of the programme. I just forgot to watch it one night. Then I forgot to watch it for a few nights. Then I forgot to catch up on the episodes I'd missed in the week at the weekend. I'd wanted to, honestly. I had it all planned out. I was going to pick up some toiletries from Boots, and then I was going to nip to Lidl for pak choi and ginger, and then I was going to go home and steam the pak choi and eat it with soy sauce, ginger, and chili, and I was going to let that settle and then go to the pool for my customary 40 lengths and after that I was going to watch that week's worth of Corrie. It didn't happen, and now I'm so far behind that I've just let it drift out of my life.

Sure I find myself daydreaming about knocking back a few bitters with Tim down the Rovers, and I admit it, I often wonder if Shona would accompany me to Nick's Bistro for a decent slab of beef and a few glasses of plonk, but the point stands: I have stopped watching Coronation Street. Instead I listen to music. All of it. I listen to all the electronic music there is. It is a way to spend a life, I guess.

Here's the seven best bits of music I heard this week when I wasn't catching up on Corrie.

1. Delia Gonzalez - Horse Follows Darkness

2. Gerry Read - Sheer Magic

3. Broken English Club - Plague Song

4. Tradition - Captain Ganja and the Space Machine

5. See Other - Waitin

6. Move D - Phonica Mix 35

7. Stuart Burnell - David, Play Misty For Me

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