Apiento Christens THUMP UK's New Balearic Mix Series, Incantations

Presenting a series of esoteric monthly mixes for the spaces between dancefloors.

by Josh Baines
23 February 2017, 11:21am

Welcome to Incantations, a series of esoteric mixes from THUMP UK. We're looking to explore the nooks and crannies of club culture, situating ourselves in the liminal spaces between dancefloors, seeking solace in the obscure and the unearthed. It's a place where Haitian jazz can rub shoulders with Polish ambient or an old disco tune by a band from Birmingham who disbanded after one record. To give you a sense of the kind of thing you can expect, over the next few months you'll see mixes from the likes of Leo Mas, Phil Mison, and Moonboots, along with some very exciting special surprise guests that we're keeping under wraps for now.

We kick things off today with a set by longterm THUMP favourite, Apiento. Known to friends and family as Paul Byrne, he's one of the brains responsible for Balearic bible Test Pressing, as well as being instrumental in the rise and rise of the International Feel label, which means that here in our office, he's something of a revered figure.

The resulting 85 minutes is a gorgeously cosmic foray into the spacier end of the house spectrum. We recommend listening to it one of of those zero-gravity flights you can hop on in Las Vegas. Failing that, a scented candle and a comfy sofa will do just fine.

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