Umm, Here's a Song You Should Probably Get High To

It's called "Go Home" and it's by Yellow Days.

08 February 2017, 11:30am

Past the point of whiting out and beyond the fiercely red-eyed, couch-locked feeling of smoking three blunts in a row comes every weed connoisseur's moment of bliss. Not many people can reach this point, of course. They freak out. They throw up. They fall asleep. But for those who are dedicated to the cause, it's possible to emerge from a long smoking session into what feels like an extended period of deep relaxation. Like sleeping, but with your eyes and senses open and a bag of sour Skittles (or chosen snack of choice) lingering somewhere on the coffee table in your front room.

This track called "Go Home" by Yellow Days slides perfectly into this scenario. We don't know if the Haslemere songwriter smokes weed. We cannot be sure. But yo, Yellow Days: those guitars? Those dream-like vocals? The bendy-as-shit production that, in sound, mirrors what looking at smoke looks like? You've gone and made a Weed Song and thank you very much for doing so. Bless you.

"It's not so much about a specific story or anything. Maybe just about obsessive love," Yellow Days told Noisey over email. If you like this sort of thing and are the sort of person who doesn't have anything to do until 3PM (and, lets face it, probably isn't awake yet, you sod) go and press play below. Please, live your best life. Do everything you can do. Love and love and love and love. And don't forget to roll the roach!