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This Deli Is Trying to Fatten Up Fashion Week Models with an Enormous Sandwich

Hope you're hungry for dad jokes, because the Fashion Sandwich is a foot-tall monster piled high with “Paparazzi Pastrami, Trendy Turkey, [and] a Snapshot of Stylish Swiss,” all on “Runway Rye Bread."
13 September 2016, 9:00amUpdated on 13 September 2016, 9:40am
Photo via Flickr user JLi21

New York Fashion Week is a semi-annual extravaganza of excess that brings hordes of models and people who dress better than you to the Big Apple for runway shows and parties you have no hopes of getting into in this life or the next. For a little over a week, downtown New York City becomes a playground for beautiful, tall, and skinny people.

The event, currently underway, brings in nearly $1 billion of economic activity to the city. Now Carnegie Deli, the classic Big Apple institution known for its gigantic sandwiches, is hoping to get in on the action and lure some models out of the Waverly Inn and up to Midtown to try out their new Fashion Sandwich, a foot-tall monster piled high with "Paparazzi Pastrami, Trendy Turkey, [and] a Snapshot of Stylish Swiss," served, naturally, on "Runway Rye Bread." If any model can finish it, it's free! But for the rest of us plebs (or any model who can't wolf the whole miserable thing down), its $29.95.

Despite common perception, runway models don't necessarily subsist entirely on celery and grain bowls. One dietitian who works with models spoke with Elle and laid out a pretty normal daily diet for models participating in New York Fashion Week, including a meal of fish or lamb for dinner. (Alkalinity is apparently a pretty big deal.) It seems like there's some variation within the modeling community about how to stay rail thin, but it's pretty safe to say that few regimens include giant pastrami sandwiches.

Let's not forget, however, that we spoke with a New Zealand model who decimated a burrito-eating challenge. Life is full of surprises!

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A Carnegie employee told MUNCHIES that no one has attempted the Fashion Sandwich challenge yet, but hey, Fashion Week isn't over. Once models get a break from squeezing into tiny sample sizes, they'll be ready to dig in to some "Runway Rye Bread." Hope they're hungry for dad jokes!