The Chaos of Creation Emerges in a Son Lux Music Video

Inspired by film greats like Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick, French director Adrian Moyse crafts the world of "Breathe Out."

by Annie Armstrong
19 April 2016, 7:15pm

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It looks kind of like how you could imagine the Big Bang played out: in the video for Son Lux’s “Breathe Out," French director Adrian Moyse combines bare, rudimentary textures with flash shots of a glowing fetus, inciting themes of cosmic creation. The artist cites Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick as his inspirations, and the result is a hybrid of the creation of Tree of Life and unmaking of 2001: A Space Odyssey. “Breathe Out” lives somewhere in between.

“The music inspired me to create a cosmic travel around organic matters on the 'birth' theme which is the atmosphere of the song,” Moyse tells The Creators Project. “It's also important to say that only four shots of the film are in CGI (the baby is in silicone). We used an old-fashioned effect from the 60s to bring life to this baby and to give some existence to matter.”

Watch Moyse’s vision, which initially premiered on NOWNESS, come to life to Son Lux’s highly atmospheric tune, below:

Breathe Out - SON LUX from Junta on Vimeo.

"Breathe Out" is off Son Lux's 2015 LP, Bones (Glassnote Records). Click here to visit Adrian Moyse's website. 


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