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This Chameleon-Like Pen Can Match And Recreate Any Color You See In The World

The "Scribble" pen can draw in over 16 million colors. The 64 Crayola packs just won't cut it anymore.

by Zach Sokol
10 June 2014, 2:20pm

Say there's this particularly vibrant eggplant you see at the local market, and you want to use that exact lush purple tone to paint your walls with. Or imagine that you're styling a photoshoot and you need to perfectly match a model's nails with an electric-yellow convertible in the backgrouind. Trying to mimic colors by eye can only be so fool-proof and unfortunately we don't have a built-in "Match" filter a la PhotoShop. Thankfully, a new pen is available for pre-ordering that acts as a real-life color copycat, allowing users to match any color they see in the world. 

The "Scribble" pen is a writing tool with a 16-bit RGB color sensor inside that can draw in over 16 million colors and "save" 100,000 unique colors in its body. The device even has a USB port, an opportunity for owners to upload IRL colors into URL programs and software. Graphic Designers can finally get that perfect shade of red to draw that Fuji apple on Illustrator.

The chameleon-like pen is currently available to pre-order at a whopping $150, and is expected to hit the market next year. With a illustration tool like Scribbble, the 64-pack Crayola boxes just won't cut it anymore. See some photos of the device below: 

h/t Daily Dot


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