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2 Chainz Turns Down Trump Inauguration, Suggests Organisers Are Desperate

“I know they only doing this because they can’t get nobody else.”

by Alex Robert Ross
16 January 2017, 9:33am

In a bizarre turn amidst a series of humiliating events for racist haircut Donald Trump, 2 Chainz has said that he has turned down an invitation to play at this Friday's presidential inauguration in Washington DC. The news came via a video from 2 Chainz on Instagram last night. "I know they only doing this because they can't get nobody else," he said. "I had to say 'nah,' no matter how much money it was. I probably won't be going to the White House no time soon."

The news comes as Broadway star Jennifer Holliday pulls out of the inauguration, leaving the president-elect with 3 Doors Down, a man who doesn't mind being called a Nazi, and poor, poor Tiffany.

Seriously guys, Post Malone is just sitting by his phone right now. It's becoming insulting.

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