Holy Shit

J Cole Releases New Track, Gives It The Wrong Name on Soundcloud

We can only assume this is because he'd been "high as shit... for hours"
16 January 2017, 12:42pm

What do you normally do when you're stoned? Some of us reach for the biscuit tin like its contents are as essential to our bodies as the air we breathe. Others buy outrageous and unnecessary things off the internet. A few can't handle it and lock themselves in the bathroom, kneeling over the bowl and throwing up. If you're J Cole though, or indeed any artist, you're probably going to write a song.

It's been just over a month since Cole released his 4 Your Eyez Only album, but fuck it: there's always room for more music. Last night he released "High For Hours", a track that is introduced with the line: "This is called being high as shit... for hours – that's the name of this song", which is confusing but a mistake we're willing to let slide in the name of a Sunday spent indoors chasing smoke. After all, this shit is relaxing and blissful as hell. Listen below, roll up that good good, and bask in the serenity (and, if you're that kind of lyrical guy, the story that Cole threads over the production).