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Awesome Trailer For Hacktivist Game Uses Infographics To Convey Its Theme

<p>Patrick Clair&#8217;s <i>Watch Dogs</i> trailer reveals a world of corporate control and privacy invasion.</p>

by Kevin Holmes
07 December 2012, 2:19pm

Ubisoft Montreal_Watch Dogs "Blackout" from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

When it comes to stirring up excitement for an upcoming release, game trailers can do a fantastic job of making people crazy with anticipation. Following in that fine tradition is the trailer created by Ubisoft Montreal and Patrick Clair for the video game Watch Dogs due out next year.

The game sees players taking control of a hacker in an open world environment who has to disrupt the digital networks that exist around him, causing upset while hacking into cellphones to gain information.

The trailer, told in an infographic style, centers around an actual blackout that happened in the Northeastern United States in 2003 and the chaos that unfolded because of it. Fast forward to 2013 and entire cities’ infrastructures are controlled by a centralized operating system in what is a dystopian vision of a possible (and far too imaginable) future.

Tapping into the zeitgeist anxiety of our digital age—the notion of privacy and how our online habits and movements are being monitored—Clair’s bold graphics are the perfect fit to introduce the paranoid narrative of the game.

[via Vimeo]