Thumbs Up!

The Definitive Hockey Picture

This toothless jabroni flashing a thumbs up during a fight in a semi-pro hockey game might be the definitive hockey picture.

by Karisa Maxwell
23 March 2015, 8:05pm

There is unbelievable skill and artistry in hockey to be sure, and we don't want to go around disparaging a sport with hands-down the best post-season, but in many wayshockey is also very primitive. When you get right down to it, it's a bunch of (mostly white) dudes skating around with sticks and slamming into each other. Unlike any other sport, there is also sanctioned fighting, and with it the goonish enforcers and their toothless maws.

So when you think of your stereotypical hockey player, you either think of one of the really good players, who are good at not being slammed into while also deftly moving the puck around, or you think of one of the jabronis skating around trying to hit the really good players. Which brings us to the image at the top of your screen. Snapped at a North Iowa Bulls game last month, this is a hockey player involved it what appears to be a full line brawl, posing for a picture while shoving a dude's face into the ice and flashing not only a thumbs up, but a smile that is short at least one tooth.