Screens Become Vistas into Perfect Digital Worlds in This Exhibit

Yorgo Alexopoulos’s new show uses custom displays to depict hybrids of natural imagery and digital enhancements.

by Alyssa Buffenstein
24 April 2016, 1:50pm

Yorgo Alexopoulos’ digital animations are so vivid, so clear, and so perfect, that it’s hard to tell whether they capture real or imagined scenes. The colors are so saturated, images so sharp, and views so picturesque, that his works are truly visual delights. In a new show, Act of Nature, at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery, he is displaying five new works that mesh nature with technology.

Besides digital renderings and Alexopoulos’ own paintings, imagery for the multimedia sculptures and video installations was shot on the artist’s trips around the world, from the Namibian savanna to the Canadian Wild West. The final works comprise digital animation, time lapse photography, motion graphics, aluminum, steel, glass, Thassos marble, and custom digital displays.

“Influenced by cross-cultural mythology, especially that of his Greek heritage, the works in Act of Nature explore ways in which ancient cultures have personified nature in order to understand the origins and elements of the natural world,” reads a press release for the show.

Act of Nature; In Eight Chapters (2015-16) Video stills

Act of Nature was also inspired by contemporary migration patterns and culture clashes. Intentionally using generic-looking natural imagery, Alexopoulos hopes to create universal symbols that appeal to people from all cultures.

The videos run on 10 minute infinite loops, functioning as ever-changing, yet always the same, moving pictures—theoretically, a viewer could watch them forever. Or at least, until June 11, when Act of Nature  closes.

Act of Nature; In Eight Chapters (2015-16) Video stills

Facade (2016)

See more of Alexopoulos’ work on his website.


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