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Trapeze Performance Matches Aerial Acrobatics With Light And Sound

"Ljós" is a live media performance that lures you into an "unreal space, sparse and confusing."

by Matthew James Clarke
20 June 2014, 7:45pm

When you think of a trapeze performance, sensory-overloading images of circus tents, Cirque du Soleil spectacles, or risqué burlesque shows often spring to mind. A new project by Italian multi-disciplinary installation crew fuse*, however, strives to stun its viewers with the ideology that less is more.

Ljós is a live media performance that lures you into an "unreal space, sparse and confusing," writes fuse* on their Vimeo description. As trapeze artist Elena Annovi twists and twirls, a screen responds to her body—generating sound and graphics in real time. The visuals sometimes surge into electric bursts as her movements get more intense, while in other moments the digital shapes match the contour of her frame. 

Ljós translates to the "latent content of the dream in a manifested state," a fitting description when compared to how the installation illuminates the dancer.

See the symbiotic light, sound, and movement for yourself below in photos and a clip, and head over to the project's Behance page for more details on the performance. 

For more on fuse* visit their website here.


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