[Premiere] A Digital Living Space Predicts the Home of the Future

The Creators Project’s weekly release of the internet’s hottest virtual zine.

by Nathaniel Ainley
10 December 2016, 6:25pm

Images courtesy of FELT Zine

The DIY zine scene is on the rise, and thanks to net publishing platforms like FELT Zine, access to the internet’s abundance of digital artworks has never been easier. The team at FELT Zine has created a unique virtual gallery platform with an easy-to-use interface that’s been optimized for mobile and computer viewing; flipping through a new issue is as easy as dragging and dropping an image from your desktop. With each release, users explore a curated assemblage of digital compositions within the site’s cosmic virtual domain. By using their mouse or finger, visitors can position each of the individual artworks into a custom arrangement of their choosing.

Since its start in 2011, FELT Zine has worked with some of the most exciting and innovative digital artists the internet has to offer. Previous releases have featured crisp 3D renderings by Kim Laughton, vibrant collages by Terrell Davis, and digital still lifes by cyber chola Jawn Billetes. For their 13th issue, FELT Zine commissioned five new works from Superficial Studio's Belinda Chen and Andrew Kupresanin. The 'Living Space' series transports the viewer into a sterile alternate universe encapsulated in what looks a hypermodern hotel and spa. Each scene is riddled with familiar devices and products that are used to project contemporary society’s behaviors and trends into a “foreign yet strangely familiar future,” according to the artists. In one room, a vape pen can be spotted on the floor with fumes still rising out from the mouth piece. Mounted on the wall is a giant purple neon ear called ‘The Listener,’ a device that silently listen to every spoken word “not judging or interrupting—just listening and never telling a soul,” write the artists. The suite also features a bed filled with an anti-aging agent, ‘pet plants’ that require a certain amount of affection from their human caretakers in order to maintain a healthy equilibrium, and a special communication device that translates written words in a universal musical code.

Every Saturday, The Creators Project will be premiering a new issue of FELT Zine, bringing you exciting new content via their childproof interactive platform. Watch this quick promotional video for the latest issue, and be sure to check in with The Creators Project every Saturday for more FELT Zine.  

To check out more work by Belinda Chen, head over to her website. And to learn more about Andrew Kupresanin, click here.


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