GIF Six-Pack: Hall-Loop-Ween

Here's some ammo for your office #HalloweenGIFs email thread.

by Beckett Mufson
30 October 2015, 7:35pm

via Traceloops

Haunting your office mates', friends', and parents' online personas with GIFs is as much a Halloween tradition as dressing up like cartoon characters or or vomiting pumpkin-spiced booze onto a sidewalk at 3 AM November 1st. This week, the tools for approproately spooky loops come in the form of spooky skulls and possessed pumpkins by retro 80s GIF maker Falcao Lucas, psychedelic artist Ni Fong, space princess Kyttenjanae, and more.

via Falcao Lucas



spookie transformations pt 2 

A video posted by kyt (@kyttenjanae) on

via Ni Fong

via Sam Cannon

via Gifmk7

For more spooky Hall-Loop-Ween GIFs, visit GIPHY.


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