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The Drugs Issue

Taliban Heroin

We tracked down Roll Deep Crew’s Taliban Trim.

by Matt Mason
01 December 2005, 12:00am

Photo by Jamie-James Medina

With American troops busy blowing up Afghan weddings based on I.P.L. (Incriminating Pocket Litter—an official excuse given by American Intelligence), an International Narcotics Control Strategy report last year claimed the area of land used to cultivate opium in Afghanistan has reached 30, 750 hectares, compared with 1,685 hectares in 2001. That’s enough to supply the UK drug trade for the next ten years. The result is, London is drowning in super pure heroin.
We wanted to know what the Taliban thought about this, so we tracked down Roll Deep Crew’s Taliban Trim. With his “Listen” catchphrase, the East London MC, along with Wiley, is the new star of Dizzee Rascal’s former posse and, along with his boys, he’s just helped make the best grime record so far released in the genre’s history. It’s called In At The Deep End and hopefully it will sell more copies than the Wiley album (412 in total).

So how strong are your links with the Taliban?

Um, I don’t have any links to the Taliban. I’m not trying to offend anyone here, the Taliban are serious Muslim people. I used to do shit back in the day, run up on people, rob ‘em, just switch from one person to a next, y’know Taliban movements. They call me Taliban Trim, Tali, Trimothy, Trimson, Trimble, Shankman, even....

So, do you know that after they got overthrown heroin supplies went up by 95,980 percent worldwide?

That’s fucked, I told you they were serious. Roll Deep are weed-men, every day, but we know about Bobby (Brown aka heroin), mate. It’s a bad thing, but you can make a serious Ps from it right now.

Boy, some people do need it and in the hood, mans gotta make a P, innit? Round our ends, people can’t live without brown. They don’t even have proper meals and only eat chocolate and that ‘cos heroin is like food to them.

Do you think it should be legalised?

If the people of Afghanistan want to send me a few boxes of it, I can get rid of it in £10 bits—standard, but all my black people need to come off that. Weed all the way! Listen!

In At The Deep End is out now on Relentless. Also checkout Trim’s solo tune “Bogeyman”. Maybe Rhythm Division in Bow will have it.