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VICE Exclusive: Listen to a Track from Tigers Jaw's New Acoustic Album

Tigers Jaw has been steering American youth towards the righteous path of emo that germinated from 90s hardcore and college rock.

by Charlie Ambler
02 June 2015, 5:00am

Tigers Jaw have been around since 2005, steering American youth away from early 00s MySpace emo and pushing them towards the righteous path of emo that germinated from hardcore and college rock in the 90s. Tigers Jaw aren't purists, though, and have always been all over the place—some songs will remind you of Cap'n Jazz, others the Microphones. Like most good emo bands (or just good bands in general), they take bits and pieces from the quality stuff that came before them and make something uniquely their own. They recently recorded an acoustic album of songs at Studio 4, and have started playing acoustic shows while touring. The album comes out June 30, but you can hear one of the songs, "Teen Rocket," exclusively on VICE.

Pre-order the album via Memory Music.