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Daryl Hall Is Chill With The xx Sampling Him As Long As He Gets His Damn Money

“Have fun and pay me”
11 November 2016, 11:07am

Legendary songwriter Daryl Hall is used to his music being sampled by others – the songs he recorded with collaborator John Oates have been repurposed by such artists as Simply Red, Jason Donovan and Fun Lovin' Criminals, and now The xx can be added to that hallowed list.

The London band, who officially announced a new album, _​I See You_​,​ after a four year absence yesterday, sample the mammoth Hall and Oates banger "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)" on their new single "On Hold". When asked his thoughts on their use of the track by​, Mr. Hall gave the sort of answer that only a wise, old dude who keeps having his music used by literally everyone could possibly conceive: "After a song is written, it belongs to the world and can be interpreted anyway they want. As long as I get paid, of course. Have fun and pay me."

"Have fun and pay me." Words to live by, friends. Scribe that shit all over my back in ink.

You can listen to "On Hold" here​.

(Image by Matthew Becker, via Wikipedia​.)​