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Trump Messed Up His Own Birthday on His NYC Mayoral Ballot

Plus, Melania forgot to sign her envelope, Ivanka sent in her ballot too late for it to count, and Jared Kushner never even mailed the thing.

by Drew Schwartz
13 December 2017, 9:05am

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images

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Voting has never gone too smoothly for the Trumps. Ivanka and Eric, the president's kids, couldn't manage to register in time to vote for their dad in the New York primaries. Then, in the general election, Eric and his dad got caught peeking at their wives' ballots after the president-to-be got viciously booed on his way in.

According to the New York Daily News, participating in our nation's democracy still seems to be a challenge for the family. While Melania and Ivanka reportedly struggled with the instructions of signing and mailing their absentee ballots in on time, Jared Kushner failed to even send his in.

Trump, on the other hand, managed to bungle something that, for most of us, is almost impossible to screw up. According to the Daily News, he got his own birthday wrong on the ballot by a month. (It's June 14, 1946, but he wrote "7/14/46").

The Board of Elections reportedly didn't notice the president's mistake until the paper pointed it out, and it's still unclear whether or not the mixup discounts his vote—or if the president knows when his actual birthday is.

At the end of the day, four votes weren't all that important for a race Bill de Blasio had in the bag. But it'd be nice if the folks literally living in the White House set a good example for a country with a notoriously miserable record of voter participation.

The whole voting thing must have just slipped everyone's minds: Melania is planning the Christmas from hell, Kushner has been wrapped up in that whole Russia probe, and the president is apparently jammed up all day slamming Diet Cokes and binge-watching cable news.

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