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Sean Spicer Is Writing a Book About His 'Turbulent Tenure' with Trump

He said he wants to "set the record straight" about what went down during his six-month stint as the White House press secretary.
13 December 2017, 9:10am
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After leaving Trump's White House, Sean Spicer made a bizarre appearance at the Emmys, reportedly turned down an opportunity on Dancing with the Stars, and ultimately couldn't find a job as a contributor on a major TV network. Now, the man who spent six months waging Trump's war against the media as White House press secretary is reportedly just going to write a book about it.

Spicer dropped by Sean Hannity's show on FOX News this Monday to announce his book, The Briefing, which he said he's writing to "set the record straight" about Trump, the media, and his six-month tenure as the White House press secretary.

"I looked back at the coverage of the campaign, the transition, and the first six, seven months of this White House and realized that the stories that are being told are not an accurate represent[ation] of what President Trump went through to get the nomination, to transition to the White House, and then his first six months in office," Spicer told the FOX News host.

According to Politico, the right-leaning Regnery Publishing will put out Spicer's book in July 2018. In its juicy teaser, Spicer writes that he'll take readers "behind the scenes of his turbulent tenure" in the Trump administration, "shedding new light on the headline-grabbing controversies" that went down during his time there. Hopefully he'll try to explain the time he denied Hitler used chemical weapons or repeatedly lied about the size of Trump's inauguration crowd, and why he spread nonsense conspiracy theories and brawled with the press at his unfailingly heated briefings—immortalized by Melissa McCarthy on SNL.

While The Briefing may come off as a scandalous tell-all behind some of the White House's most memorable screw-ups, Spicer himself has already said that the thing "isn't about White House gossip." It's still going to be about the media.

"I can tell you from first-hand experience of the rampant hostility President Trump faces daily from the mainstream press," Spicer told the Washington Examiner, "and I want the American people to have an opportunity to hear the truth they won’t hear from mainstream media."

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