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Rise and Shine, Here's Big Narstie Doing the Morning Weather

"Man better know that it's cold outside."

by Lauren O'Neill
16 January 2018, 10:53am

Image via Good Morning Britain on Twitter

Big Narstie was born to be on TV. Entertainment rushes through his veins; cut him and he bleeds comedy. Recently, he's been popping up all over the place – with his mates Ed Sheeran and Example on Celebrity Gogglebox, and as a panelist on 2017's Big Fat Quiz of the Year (also, we'd like to point out, as a LARP-er in Noisey's very own The Real Game of Thrones). And now he's doing the weather. Watch and learn, Siân Lloyd:

There is just so much to say here. At various points throughout the process of drafting this blog, I put at least seven different things that come out of Narstie's mouth across the course of this one minute and ten seconds as the sub-headline for it. It is all that good.

It begins with Good Morning Britain's weatherman in residence Alex Beresford stating the quite amazing fact that it is Big Narstie's dream "to do the weather live on TV." He's a pro from the moment he opens his mouth ("aight boom") – where other, lesser weather forecasters would say simply "it's chilly," Narstie reminds us it's "no one t-shirt business." He also has a word for pet owners ("you're gonna be getting bare mud in your yard"), and residents of the Highlands who will be in receipt of "a bag" of snow.

I'd say he should replace Beresford, but at the end of the video when he gets Narstie to start rapping they actually make quite a good team. In any case, please consider this my formal pitch for Good Morning Britain to get rid of Piers Morgan, and in his place put HRH Big Narstie.

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