'The Sun' Very Upset That Everyone's Burning Copies of 'The Sun'

Which isn't all that surprising, really.
08 June 2017, 2:52pm
Images via Twitter

Today, a number of people have been tweeting photos and videos of themselves buying up and binning multiple copies of right-wing rags like The Sun, The Daily Mail and The Express. Reason being: lots of people are tired of right-wing media bias and papers publishing misleading information in a bid to sway the electorate.

The Sun has seen this is happening and isn't happy about it. According to an article on the paper's website, "The cynical tactic appears to have started after Twitter user John Niven tweeted to say he was going to bin 'every copy' of both the Daily Mail and The Sun." That's the well-known author John Niven, writer of Kill Your Friends and The Second Coming.

The Sun goes on to say, "The Twitter user – who describes himself as a 'writer' on his account – later posted a video of papers on fire in a bin with the caption: 'This morning I reignited the British spirit with the newsagents entire stock of Suns and Daily Mails.'"

Since other people started joining in, The Sun has criticised the move as "against freedom of speech" and published a story on the trend with the headline: "Cynical Corbynites shamelessly bulk buy copies of The Sun to stop public from reading how the bungling Labour leader would damage Britain if elected."

Of course, what they fail to mention is that some of The Sun's cover lines today were highly misleading – the very reason people decided to burn and bin the paper in the first place. Hey, in fact, why don't we go over a couple of them?

Terrorists' Friend

Just plainly not true. The "links to the IRA" we've heard so much about refer to his former membership of the editorial board of Labour Briefing, a left-wing magazine which made a tasteless joke about the Brighton bombing – big up The Sun for policing good taste. He also held meetings with Irish Republicans while attacks were still happening, in an attempt to broker a peace deal. Whether or not his every judgment and association was a sound one, the implication that any of this makes him a terrorist supporter is an obvious smear. The "Hezbollah sympathiser" thing comes from a speech he made in the Commons in which he welcomed "our friends from Hezbollah to have a discussion and a debate". Another attempt to move the peace process forward.

Destroyer of Jobs

Considering he's never been Prime Minister, hard to say how exactly you can evidence this one? He's promised a Labour government would pump £250 billion into industry, creating a million good quality jobs. He hasn't done that yet, of course, but that's the point: everything in this realm is pure conjecture at this point.

Massive Tax Hikes

Labour has said it would raise tax "a modest bit more" for the highest 5 percent of earners –anyone on salaries above £80,000 – but ruled out a rise in tax for the other 95 percent of earners. The Tories have ruled out a tax hike for high earners, but refused to do the same for low earners.

Open Immigration

The Labour manifesto says there will be "fair rules and reasonable management of migration", but no numerical target. Corbyn has said, "Clearly, the free movement ends when we leave the European Union." Not sure how you get "open immigration" from that?


The main thing in all this, though, is that while the burning and binning of a few newspapers is unlikely to have any effect on the election whatsoever, the months of smears, lies and misrepresentation by the right-wing press likely will.

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