Watch Bad Boy Chiller Crew's New Video For '450'

The Bradford bassline riders drop a 2020 update of the fan favourite track, ahead of their debut mixtape and an upcoming VICE documentary.
03 July 2020, 9:00am

If you ask most people – or most young people, at least – they'll tell you that what they've missed most in lockdown is going out. This means different things to different people, but the common denominator for most is the part where you get off your nut and enjoy the sugary head rush of dancing to music that sounds like it was made for the sole purpose of soundtracking fairground rides.

We're obviously still a while away from being able to achieve that again, but what we can offer you today is a song that sounds exactly how all of that feels, and also has lyrics about a superior type of dirtbike. It is by – and could only be by – Bad Boy Chiller Crew, the Bradford-native bassline and house collective hotly tipped for imminent world domination.

The new release is an updated version of fan favourite "450", and comes alongside a huge new video, as well as the announcement of the group's first mixtape Full Wack No Brakes, which is due on the 25th of September via House Anxiety. Oh, and it also heralds VICE's upcoming documentary about the group, dropping this month.

While you wait for all that good stuff, simply sit back and feel your dopamine levels go through the roof as this, the sonic distillation of Cherry Sourz, punches against your brain.