VICE Does 'Love Island'

Hey Babes, VICE Is Making a 'Love Island' Podcast

VICE Does 'Love Island' drops twice a week for the duration of season 5. Listen to a trailer here.

by VICE Staff
03 June 2019, 3:05pm

Lauren O'Neill (left) and Emma Garland, hosts of the VICE Does Love Island podcast (Photo: VICE UK)

ITV's Love Island returns in a blaze of spray tans and ugly crying tonight. And so social lives the UK may begin to wither, slumping into slow, painful deaths as millions of people become more invested in the fates of PTs from Billericay than we are in our own families.

To make matters worse: VICE UK has a little announcement to make. From Tuesday the 4th of June, we’re launching our very own twice-weekly Love Island podcast to celebrate and commiserate over the nation’s most beloved repurposed 18-30s resort. You can hear a trailer below, and check it out on Spotify too:

Hosted by VICE staffers Emma Garland and Lauren O’Neill, with Nana Baah and Ruby Lott-Lavigna (as well as special guests throughout the season), VICE Does Love Island drops every Tuesday and Friday, with additional weekly footage on the VICE UK Snapchat channel. We’ll be talking highs, lows, and hair extensions for the duration of season 5 – and if that sounds like your type on paper, make sure to join us tomorrow, when we’ll be analysing the first couples and making wildly inaccurate predictions about who’s going to win.

Find the VICE Does Love Island podcast on Spotify. Read our oral history of 2005's Celebrity Love Island here, too.

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