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This Panettone Mincemeat Sandwich Is Almost Offensively Christmassy

Just trust Nigel Slater on this one.

by Munchies Staff
16 December 2017, 12:00pm

Photo courtesy Nigel Slater

Nothing says Christmas like a mince pie, and nothing says It’s-only-the-first-week-of-December-and-I’ve-already-eaten-five-festive-meal-deals-and-am-playing-Slade-over-the-office-stereo like a toasted mincemeat sandwich made with sliced panettone and dustings of icing sugar.

RECIPE: Toasted Mincemeat Sandwich

You heard right. This almost offensively festive dessert comes from celebrated British chef and food writer Nigel Slater, and is easy enough to make while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol or untangling strings of fairy lights.

Simply cut two thick wedges of panettone (that ubiquitous Italian sweet bread loaf elderly relatives insist on force-feeding their guests at Christmas) and cover with mincemeat to make a large, round sandwich. Fry both sides in a pan with melted butter until hot and toasted, and cut into cake-like slices to serve—preferably with a large glass of mulled wine.