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Who Was the Most Annoying Music Person of 2017? We Asked the Public

Take a long hard guess at what name came up the most.

by Daisy Jones
28 December 2017, 11:00am

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As you are reading Noisey right now, I’m going to assume you read other music websites too sometimes. And if that assumption is correct, you’ve probably been subject to a lot of celebratory ‘end of year’ lists recently because that's what time it is. Best albums! Best singles! Best music videos! Best music docs! Best bands and singers and producers and mixes and covers of 2017! Best! Best! Best!

That’s all well and good (we like to celebrate things with lists too sometimes, we’re not horrible), but also, what about the bad shit? I mean, this has been a year of existential chaos and real life horror after all – I think we should be able to acknowledge that fact. Or at least chat about some of the things that made us want to roll our eyes or puke up our lunch or kick a nearby bin so it tips over and trash cascades across the sad, rain-splattered pavement.

With all the above in mind, I ventured onto the streets to ask members of the public who annoyed them the most in music this year.


Noisey: Who was the most annoying person in music in 2017?
Daniel: Sia.

Oh. I mean, I agree, but why?
For that stupid christmas album. It was so opportunistic...

Opportunistic of what?
Christmas. I hate it when people do that.


Hi Eddie. Who's the most annoying person in music this year?
Eddie: I'm going to say Justin Bieber.

Standard. Why?
My 15 year old daughter loves him and she plays him in the house on repeat all bloody day.

You don't like his music as much as she does, then?
No disrespect to young people, but all music sounds the same these days.

What does it sound like?
Like nails. Down a chalkboard.

ADAM, 27

Most annoying person in music in 2017?
Taylor Swift? She's a bit she shit isn't she? HAHA!

Why Taylor? Is it because she represents the toxic nature of performatively empowering women in the name of commodification while ignoring issues faced by those who aren't rich, white and privileged?
Don't know to be honest! I don't really listen to music, HAHA!

Thanks Adam.


Who's the most annoying person in music in 2017?
Milene: Well... That's quite an obvious one isn't it?

Ed Sheeran!

Of course!
He's everywhere. I feel a bit sorry for him. He's just.. revolting. No! Don't quote me on that. He's just, like, the ultimate normcore guy. Did you see him on Game of Thrones?

No not yet.
Well, don't. Shit... humankind are awful.

ERIN, 27

The most annoying person in music in 2017? Go!
Erin: I can't think of anybody other than Ed Sheeran.

You should just go with it.
He's just a bit overhyped, isn't he? I mean, the guy is okay. But that's all. He's just okay.

Is he even okay, though?
He's been played so much I've even started to like some of his songs recently. But people need to calm down.


Who do you think was the most annoying person in music this year?
Ed Sheeran is the obvious one, but I don't want to say the obvious one.

Okay, who's your second choice? Think about it deeply.
Um... Big Shaq!

What? Why?!
I saw him on a video and he just seemed a bit disingenuous.

Was the video on Noisey dot com?
Probably. Really catchy song though.

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