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A Guide to All the US Election Voting Problems

Long lines, machines malfunctioning, confusion over voter ID laws – these are just some of the problems frustrated voters at polling stations across the US faced during Tuesday’s elections.

by VICE News
07 November 2018, 9:23am

AP Photo / St Louis Post-Dispatch, Christian Gooden

This article originally appeared on VICE News.

Voters in at least ten US states – including states where competitive races are underway – said they encountered technical problems at their polling stations, such as registration systems glitching and voter machines breaking down, according to Common Cause, a civil society watchdog.

Preliminary reports point to high in voter turnout across the country. Unexpected numbers of voters turning out is one easy answer, and was certainly a reason, for delays in some places, like Monroe County, Indiana, where some polling stations didn’t have enough ballots for everyone who showed up to vote.

The problems may have revealed serious weaknesses in the country’s patchwork elections infrastructure, many of which impacted minority or low-income voters. While counties foot the bill for some elections costs, states are generally responsible for allocating resources to fund voting equipment, ballots, compensation for local election officials, and dissemination of voter information.

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