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Not Pacman Turns The Classic Video Game Into A Maze Puzzle

Stabyourself’s latest bastardized video game brings the idea of gravity to the legendary franchise.

by Kevin Holmes
15 January 2013, 3:44pm

When is the Pac-Man video game not the Pac-Man video game? When it’s been turned into Not Pac-Man by Stabyourself, the same game designers—Maurice Guégan and Sašo Smolej—that brought the world the Mario/Portal mashup Mari0.

In this new game they’ve brought the concept of gravity into Pac-Man’s world, which means instead of controlling the yellow guy with a big appetite, you instead control the grid that him and the ghosts duke it out in.

The result is akin to the sensation of being caught in a vicious storm at sea, or being inside a washing machine (although this is purely guess work as I’ve never been caught in a storm at sea or been inside a washing machine), as you shift the screen from side-to-side and over and around, pulling the ghosts and Pac-Man wherever you want them. It’s a bit like one of those 3D maze puzzles where you have a ball in a cube and you have to get it through a maze from one side to the other by tilting the cube.

Here’s what they say about it:

Ever wondered how Pacman would be like with physics? No? Well, it’s revolutionary. This mashup of “Not” and “Pacman” puts The Pac and the Ghosts in a in a Pacworld cage, at mercy of gravity and the level’s shape, controlled solely by you. Ghosts still don’t like you very much, so you should be careful to make Pacman avoid them.

[via Nerdcore]


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