Festival Season!

Eight Simple Reasons to Spend This Weekend in Bristol

Simple Things are taking over the city again, for one of our favourite parties of the year.

by Angus Harrison
22 October 2015, 2:05pm

Photo by Chris Cooper

This weekend Bristol is playing host to Simple Things. If you haven't heard of the festival before, it might be time to get acquainted. Bristol is a pretty good place to party any time of the year, but for one Saturday at the end of October things go next level. What Simple Things essentially pulls off is the takeover of an entire city without for a second compromising on the credentials of the lineup. Case in point, last year we managed to swing around the city, taking in multiple venues, bouncing between the likes of DJ Harvey, Zomby, and DJ Sprinkles all in the space of an evening — which is honestly more than could be said for when T4 on the Beach used to take over Weston Super-Mare beach.

This year isn't going to be any different and personally, we couldn't be more excited. We'd like to think you're already coming but just in case you need help planning — or convincing, in case you haven't got a ticket yet — here are our eight simple reasons that this will be Bristol's biggest weekend since the balloon fiesta in 2009. And if you weren't there for the balloon fiesta in 2009, then you simply haven't lived.

Booty House in Bristol

"Work This Mutha Fucka" bouncing off the walls of an old Firestation, and the opportunity to see a genuine Ghetto House superstar in the flesh. Explicit perfection if you ask us.

Danny L Harle's Broken Flowers

Your man Danny L Harle has just signed to Columbia Records, so he's probably going to be in a well good mood. You might even hear full versions of the new material he has teased in the mini mix above.

Hodge B2B Randomer...For Four Hours

Watch the above Boiler Room, then times it by 4, then add Randomer, then imagine you're in Lakota — the sort of club where you're never sure what's sweat and what's spilt beer — and you've just pictured our Saturday!

Discreet Desires With Helena Hauff

Without a doubt one of our records of the year, and judging by how good she was when we saw her at September's Hydra event with Jeff Mills, we cannot wait for the serving of acidic, clanging, dark room stuff waiting for us.

Objekt...For Four Hours Again Mate

Remember all that stuff we were saying about Hodge and Randomer for four straight hours? Well, do all that imagining again, but swap those two out for the force of nature that is Objekt. Genuinely a figure we are obsessing over at the moment, so to lock in for a 4 hour stretch should be an exhaustive honour.

Actual Ron Trent

The man practically invented deep house. What more do you want?

A Taste of Hunee

Hunee got us thinking a few weeks ago about some of the aggressive language we use when discussing dance music, so with that in mind, we hope he fucking lightly nudges this one out park.

Avalon Emerson Rising

Everyone is talking about Avalon Emerson, especially since the Boiler Room above in which she (sorry Hunee) smashed it. With an early evening set this should be the perfect tipping point off and into the night.

Find out more and get tickets here.