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Travel to Instagram Candyland with These Dreamy Photos

Shot and edited entirely on a phone, Judi Sebastian makes her own laws of physics in these colorful photos.
24 April 2015, 3:30pm
Images courtesy the artist

Self-taught Instagram photographer Judi Sebastian sees the world in candy colors. Using only the camera and software on his phablet, he captures and blends photos into surreal visions. He captures the everyday rainbows he sees in architecture and colored pencil boxes, gives his subjects gravity-defying powers, and follows the dreamlike excursions of an anonymous umbrella-wielding stranger through Insonesia, where he lives.

The goal of Sebastian's photography is to help people both appreciate minutae and relax. "I love colors," he tells The Creators Project. "We are blessed to have eyes that can see in color, but most of us do not realize how beautiful the world is because we see it all the time." When he's fixated on a particular multicolored vision, he uses his photo editing tools—primarly the Picsay app—to create otherworldly scenes in black-and-white, such as the image of a girl flying across the moon (below).

Take a glimpse into Sebastian's imagination in the images below.

See more of Judi Sebastian's work on Instagram.


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