Enter a Neon Arcade at the Brooklyn Museum

Take a photo tour of the FAILE art show at Brooklyn Museum.

by Antwaun Sargent
12 July 2015, 1:00pm

The FAILE & BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, @skimsogood

The Brooklyn Museum invited a small group of Instagrammers to preview the opening of new work from the artist collaboration beween Patrick McNeil and Patrick Miller, FAILE. Under the hashtag, #emptybrooklynmuseum, they were given had exclusive access to every inch of FAILE’s new show, FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds

Here is a tour experienced through Instagram posts:

The FAILE Temple, via @halopigg 

Two large-scale works anchor the show, which play with the concepts of low and high art. The FAILE Temple engages sculptural forms often associated with classical art, yet once inside the life-size structure, visitors can spin works that resemble religious ruins. “We worked on the temple for two years,” Patrick Miller tells The Creators Project. “This is the first time we are showing it in doors. A lot of our work explores iconography and how icons speak to people. The temple really represents the old world ways people used to interact.”

The exhibition includes a glow in the dark room that features over 20 free arcade games that visitors can play to relieve arcade culture of the past. The artists’ handcrafted each game, from pinball to foosball. “To us the arcade games are sculptural pieces in their own right," Miller says. 

Check out more images from FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds below:

The FAILE & BÄST Deluxx Fluxx Arcade, via @willnyc

via @markatthemuseum

via @cindiddy

via halopigg

via @susikenna

FAILE: Savage/Sacred Young Minds is at the Brooklyn Museum through October 4, 2015.


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