Pimp Your Records with a Futuristic Levitating Turntable

The MAG-LEV turntable is the kind of thing you'd expect to see on the wealthy side of sci-fi dystopia.
13 October 2016, 1:35pm
Images courtesy MAG-LEV Audio

How will nostalgic teens of the future listen to Pink Floyd records when they actually live on the dark side of the moon? MAG-LEV Audio hopes it will be with their levitating turntable, which just launched on Kickstarter. Their high-end design rests the platter on top of a cushion of air and magnetic waves precisely calculated to rest under the needle. Not only does it look like an excessive luxury you'd see in the homes of the mega-rich in Elysium, but MAG-LEV Audio claims that, "Air is the smoothest medium with least amount of friction," which actually makes the listening experience itself better.

The magnetic turntable uses technology we've seen develop exponentially over the past few years, from the ZeroN gestural interface and Crealev's modular magnet design to the hoverboard. Here we've got a polished design that shows what experiments with new technology can yield under an $880 price tag. Thoughtful features like legs to hold the plate when the device is off and a reserve power source to catch it in case of a power outage assure buyers of the company's attention to detail, but those aren't MAG-LEV's big innovation.

"The drive system in this turntable is where all the magic is," they explain on Kickstarter. "We were able to achieve not only magnetic levitation, but we’ve also been able to maintain the incredibly precise turning of the platter with sensor regulating software." They've figured out how to create a consistent rotation with a magnetic motor, which allows you to easily switch between 33.3 rpm and 45 rpm.

Check out the MAG-LEV turntable in a dramatic, "Most Interesting Man in the World"-style video below. Should you decide to donate on Kickstarter, where an early bird price of $780 is still available, we recommend pairing the with ::vtol::'s gravity-defying Bluetooth speaker and LUNALUXX's levitating lamp for maximum futuristicness.

Learn more about MAG-LEV Audio on their website and donate on Kickstarter here.

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