The Avalanches

Celebrate the Return of the Avalanches with This Super Interesting Short Film About the Making of Their Classic Debut

While you wait for that elusive second album, why not see how the first was made?
12 April 2016, 1:40pm

For a decade and a half now the world's been waiting for Australian group The Avalanches to resurface. Every few years a glimmer of hope flutters out of the primordial swamp of the internet and for a second, just a second, it seems like we might finally be getting a follow-up to 2000 classic Since I Left You. And then...nothing. We go back to living in hope and expectation.

Just yesterday, the web lit up with reports that the sample-hungry-reclusives had updated their website and started a Instagram account and a SoundCloud one and YouTube one too, just for good measure. There's no new music yet, though, but hey, everyone loves that new-follower feeling right?

To tide you over until they finally release some new music, why not sit back and tuck into this lovely short documentary about the lads and their wonderful way with .wav files? The heads out there will recognize very early versions of favourites like "Extra Kings." Which is nice.

Why not constantly refresh their website in the hope that something happens?