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0=0 Brings The Planet Mu Squad Together On "Me And You And Every Mu You Know" Mix

For the label's 20-year anniversary, the reclusive Canadian junglist packs in the hits from Luke Vibert, Flying Lotus, DJ Rashad, and Venetian Snares.

by Michelle Lhooq
01 October 2015, 3:31pm

To celebrate Planet Mu's 20-year anniversary, we've been picking through the best of the groundbreaking label's discography with a series of mixes. So far, we got Ital Tek to hone in on his favorite tracks from 2005-2008; for his part, Glasgow's Konx-Om-Pax stuck in a few of his own unreleased gems on his round.

Next up, the secretive Canadian jungle producer 0=0 delivers a mix that checks off many of the label's biggest stars, including Luke Vibert, Flying Lotus, DJ Rashad, Venetian Snares, and Remarc. "This mix features some of my favorite Planet Mu material, from the pre-Virgin emancipation era to some more recent footwork outings and all the juicy, melodic, jungly glitchy bits in-between," the producer tells THUMP. "In my years of record shopping, one of the only things worth coming home with was one of those familiar brown-matted sleeves with colored rectangle stickers on them—to be cherished forever."

"Most of the music I've chosen here is available on the site, which I suggest any music fan should spend time exploring," he continues. The tracklist below contains links to each release—so no excuses.


OOO - Desper [ZIQ080CD -2004]

Remarc - R.I.P. (Remix) [ZIQ084 2003]

Luke Vibert - Comfycozy [ZIQ175 2007]

Ital Tek - Gonga [ZIQ325 -2012]

Flying Lotus - Flattery (Sympathy For The Biters) [ZIQ209 -2008]

Mrs Jynx - Sinky [ZIQ273CD -2010]

Barry Lynn - Loving Dub [ZIQ162 -2008]

edIT - Dex [ZIQ086 -2004]

Equinox - Do You Understand Me? [ZIQ134 -2008]

Traxman - Your Just Movin' [ZIQ318 -2012]

Equinox - Acid Rain (Breakage Final Chapter Mix) [ZIQ134 -2006]

Bizzy B - 2099 Dub [ZIQ137 -2006]

µ-Ziq - Tickly Flanks [ZIQ333 -2013]

Shitmat - Front 2 Da Back [ZIQ224 -2009]

DJ Rashad - Itz Not Rite [ZIQ290 -2010]

Joseph Nothing - Why Don't You Love Me Anymore [ZIQ027 -2001]

Frog Pocket - Rig of the Jarkness [ZIQ197 -2007]

Mrs Jynx - Dusty [ZIQ207 -2008]

Horse Opera - House of the Jazz [ZIQ004 -1998]

µ-Ziq - Catkin and Teasel [PULP5 -1997]

Venetian Snares - 2 Dollars [ZIQ057 -2002]

o9 - no delay for days [ZIQ031 -2001]

Electronic Music Composer - Fuck What Ya Heard [ZIQ094CD -2005]

Nautilis - Why It Got To Be So Damn Tough [ZIQ050 -2002]

Lexaunculpt - Drowning Cricket Quartet [ZIQ069CD -2003]

Slag Boom Van Loon - Poppy Seed (Boards Of Canada Remix) [ZIQ007 -2001]

Grab your copy of Planet Mu's µ20 compilation here.

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