Take Yourself on a Permanent Vacation with Fort Romeau's Kauf Remix

"Through the Yard" sounds just like the best day out at the beach you've ever had.

by Josh Baines
28 April 2016, 1:35pm

Do you like chugging, churning, vaguely cosmic disco? Of course you do! Who doesn't it? Just to brighten up your day, we've decided to bring you the best piece of sleek and sleazy disco-drama we've heard since stumbling out of DJ Harvey's set at the weekend, and it's coming to you courtesy of Permanent Vacation associated producer Kauf. With a new album called Regrowth on the way, he's been kind enough to let us have a quick sneak peak at the goods in the form of this utterly fantastic Fort Romeau remix of "Through the Yard."

If you like swimming pools and cocktails and sunrises and sunsets you're in luck because this is the perfect soundtrack to lounging about before a slap up last-night-of-the-holiday dinner where mum lets you have a big pudding AND two cokes. What a treat!

Check out the tune and our chat with Kauf below.

THUMP: If you couldn't pick your own music what would you have an existential crisis too?
Ulrich Schnauss - A Strangely Isolated Place. It's a complete masterpiece production-wise and melodically. All of the detuned pads and unexpected chord progressions always send me to another place.

I'm giving you a massive briefcase of VICE's money and sending you on a permanent vacation: what three cities are you visiting first?
Paris for the architecture, fashion, food...everything really. Reykjavik for the landscapes and small town feel—the whole country's population is just over 300K—and some of my musical heroes hail from there. Marrakech for the completely different design aesthetic. I'd need to hit the Berlin music scene too!

Charlie Kaufman or Andy Kaufman?
Charlie Kaufman because Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a long standing favourite. It's a beautiful reminder that pain and sadness are really valuable to us.

The Through the Yard single is out on Permanent Vacation on April 29th.

Kauf is on Facebook // SoundCloud // Twitter