Everything Is Rubbish, Slow Bloom Are Not

Members of State Faults and Strike to Survive have joined forces to articulate your rage better than you can with "Sarcophaguts"

17 November 2017, 1:01pm

I don't know about you, but I can't shout to save my life. You know how some car horns are really muscular and intimidating and others barely emit a tiny toot that sounds like a dying wasp? People's voices are like that as well. Mine falls into the latter camp. Whenever I "go off" on someone it is a total embarrassment; a pathetic little squawk or a graceless honk, like Linda La Hughes attempting to flirt. Thus, it is a great relief when I find a song that perfectly articulates my rage so I don't have to try to.

Enter: Northern Californian four piece Slow Bloom, who formed in early 2014 after State Faults and Strike to Survive headed out on tour together. Apparently they liked each other so much they decided to collaborate on a new project all of their own, and thank goodness for that because "Sarcophaguts" (which you can listen to above) is the most enjoyable explosion of energy I've felt since I found myself sobering up on a beach in Barcelona at 6am this summer and decided to eschew a hangover by jumping into the freezing ocean. It also has a title that Misfits would be proud of, which I'd like to see more of in 2017.

"It's a special song to us because in the live recording process of this album it was the only one we nailed in one take, and is a perfect example of the intensity and melody we create," says vocalist Johnny Andrew, "This song and the album lyrically are inspired by the desire to feel like everything is okay, to feel a positive change in a world so devastatingly seeped in anxiety and misery."

Amen to that.

"Sarcophaguts" is taken from Hex Hex Hex, available January 26 2018 via No Sleep Records and Dog Knights Productions (UK).

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