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Young Thug Snapchatted Himself Singing to "Some Nights" by fun.

Jeffrey is one of us.

by Lauren O'Neill
11 January 2018, 11:57am

Image via YouTube

None of us know why we do it. Well, we do. It's about getting attention really – it's a thirst trap that says "I know I look great, but hey look at my excellent music taste too bb ;)". I'm talking about the phenomenon of people filming themselves listening, singing along, or lip syncing to music on Snapchat or Instagram stories.

I have been guilty of it in the past. I feel no shame for this. It's cute, and only the most curmudgeonly selfie-hater would condemn it now: we're past #takes about narcissism and whether phones are poison (obviously they are). This is just how things are now.

And happily, us ordinary folks aren't the only people who partake in a light spot of Snap singalong, as Young Thug recently proved when he posted a series of videos of himself singing along to fun. of all bands. He showed his appreciation for Jack Antonoff and Nate Ruess' artistry as he sang along to the group's 2012 track "Some Nights". Thugga has, after all, never been one for narrow musical horizons.

I think the moral of what I'm trying to get across here is 1) it's really fucking awesome when Young Thug repeatedly zooms in on his diamond ring in time to the music, and 2) it's kind of a comfort that no matter how famous you get, you'll pretty much always do silly shit online. Amen.

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