Jeroen van Holland with Vinny Vlemmix.
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The Naked Photographer Who Puts Himself in Portraits of His Creative Idols

In Vinny Vlemmix's latest portrait series, he's always somewhere in the background. With no clothes on.
09 January 2019, 9:15am

This article originally appeared on VICE Netherlands

Vinny Vlemmix is a photography student at the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam. For the 20-year-old's latest project, "Kunstenaar & iK" ("Artist & I"), Vlemmix has captured portraits of his favourite artists in a space that they feel most connected to, as a way of peering into their creative process.

Vlemmix recently came by the VICE office to talk us through the project. We nodded along, only mildly interested, since it's not the most original idea to ever pass over our desks. But when he explained that he appears naked in the background of each photo, he had our full attention. In some he's standing in the centre of the frame, clearly present in the images, while other portraits require a quick game of Where's Wally to spot him.

The project is still in development, but he gave us permission to publish a few shots.

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Dylan van Vliet

Roland Maas

Nenah en Naomi Gorissen

Sabine van Wechem

Simone Engelen

Guido de Heer

Ruud Schovel

Yannick Jean