War and Horses: Photos from the Career of Alex Majoli

The Magnum photographer's recent exhibition showcases his best work over the past 20 years.

by Elena Viale
12 July 2018, 10:13am

All photos courtesy of Alex Majoli. 

This article originally appeared on VICE Italy

Andante is a 250-photo exhibition that celebrates the 20-year career of Italian documentary photographer Alex Majoli. It recently ran at the Ravenna Art Museum as part of the Fotografia Europea 2018 festival in northern Italy's Reggio Emilia.

The Magnum photographer spent much of the 1990s documenting the Kosovo War, and after joining the revered Magnum photo agency in 2001, he covered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But his work has also stretched beyond conflicts. Majoli's 1994 project, Leros, captured the closing of a renowned mental hospital on the Greek island of the same name.

Through his photography, Majoli say he aims to blur the lines between reality and fiction, often setting his frames in a way that makes the viewer struggle to believe what they're seeing is actually real. "Everything I've seen throughout my life plays a role in the way I approach my work," Majoli says. "I think Andante reflects this."

Scroll down to see more photos from Majoli’s recent exhibition, Andante.

"Wounded soldier", Kosovo, Padesh, 1999
"Child in Santeiro", Roque Santeiro, Brazil, 1999.
"Arab spring", Tunisi, Tunisia, 2011.
"Gheddaffi’s desk", Tripoli, Libia, 2011.
"Scene #0435", Republic of Congo, 2013.
"Scene #1888", Orleans, Francia, 2017. Giovanna d'Arco.
"Scene #3959", Brazil, 2014.
"Brazil. Serra de Santana", 1995.
The programme for Andante.