'Pineapple Boobs' Are Allegedly the Hottest New Instagram Thing

A new trend to ruin your feed alongside all that avocado toast.

by Jelisa Castrodale
07 September 2018, 4:53pm

Screenshot via Instagram

For the past several centuries, pineapples have been a symbol of hospitality for gracious hosts and hostesses in the United States. According to a possibly apocryphal legend, when New England-based sea captains would return from lengthy journeys to the Caribbean, they would put a pineapple on their fenceposts to let their friends and family know that they made it home safely. The fruit—which was not even close to being native to the continental US—also served as an unofficial invitation for everyone to stop by, have a drink, and listen to him talk about the spice trade or whatever.

In the 17th century, pineapples represented an extravagant kind of wealth, and these ultra-rare delicacies could cost upwards of $8,000 each, a price-point that is familiar to anyone who shopped at the pre-Amazon Whole Foods. Despite the expense—or because of it—uber-rich colonists were known to import pineapples and use them as table centerpieces for dinner parties, wordlessly telling their friends “Fuck you, I’ve got fruit money.” In our own 21st century, however, The Sun insists that these now-ubiquitous tropical plants are a way for women to remind everyone that they have breasts.

“‘Pineapple Boobs’ is the latest and from celebs to bloggers, social media is going wild for it,” the British tabloid writes. “The trend sees Instagram users posing topless with pineapples in front of their boobs.” (Oh! We get it now!) According to The Sun, this photo pose is popular with those who have access to a robust produce department and/or a holiday resort, including British reality TV participant Sophie Kasaei, Italian model Valentina Fradegrada, and other assorted models and actresses.

“The pineapple boob pose is so popular, there's even an Instagram page dedicated to the trend,” The Sun reports. That’s a true statement—but it existed way before this summer. That @fruitbra Instagram account was established in late May 2017, and its contributions include not only pineapples, but coconuts, watermelon, papayas, dragonfruit, avocados, and cantaloupe. (It also has one starfish-themed photo, which should’ve been disqualified. No, that’s not what a star fruit is.)

Meanwhile, as of this writing, the #pineappleboobs hashtag has only been used on 324 photos. The first was ‘grammed in October 2013 by a company that sold bikinis and tank tops with pineapples screenprinted across those particular body parts. Despite some crossover with @fruitbra, the majority of the pics with that hashtag are related to swimwear, T-shirts, or other wearables with faux-pineapples that cover the wearer’s real boobs. (The account that originated #pineappleboobs, @amorromacollective, has not posted since July 2016, and its website is no longer active.)

Josh Cantu, one early pineapple adopter, posted a cryptic caption to accompany his photo. When asked about it, he replied “Fuck you I'm gonna be insta Famous it ain't matter brah.” You made it brah.

You made it.

This article originally appeared on Munchies US.

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