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Watch Mancunian Crew LEVELZ Burn Every Copy of the Sun in Manchester

The #BunTheSun campaign is a protest against "lies, upon lies, upon lies."

by Angus Harrison
03 July 2017, 10:30am

When musicians decide to get political, it's not always welcome. Whether it's tech-house DJs making laboured references to feminism in interviews, or bearded-folk musos braying "fuck that orange clown in the White House, am I right?" on stage, it mostly comes off like vague cultural band-wagoning—an attempt to capitalise on the kudos of activism without doing any actual campaigning. Then along come LEVELZ, burning enough copies of The Sun to power a small steam-train, and "getting political" suddenly seems a bit more appealing.

The Manchester crew, featuring the likes of Chimpo, Dub Phizix and Chunky, have seen their profile rise considerably over the past couple of years, and 2017 looks set to be their biggest yet, having just opened Mary Anne Hobbs 'Dark Matter' series at Manchester International Festival. That said, if they are hoping for press coverage from one of the UK's most widely read newspapers, they might be disappointed. Perhaps taking their cue from the pre-election trend that saw Labour voters cover, hide, and burn copies of the Sun and the Daily Mail, LEVELZ have taken the practice to industrial heights.

If you need a detailed explainer on why the virulently right-wing, race-baiting, divisive publication has earned so many enemies, Google Hillsborough (as a start, at least). Once you've done that and gotten yourself suitably riled, watch the ski-masked team of producers and MCs torch "every copy on the streets of Manchester" below.

Via LEVELZ Facebook.