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This Airport Just Started Serving Kebabs in the Departure Lounge

Because greasy meat and garlic sauce stuffed into a styrofoam box is perfect plane food.

by Daisy Meager
25 July 2017, 1:59pm

Photo via pelican.

Eating and drinking at the airport isn't glamourous. Despite the likes of Heston Blumenthal opening cafes at Heathrow, getting a bite to eat in an air-conditioned holding pen, devoid of natural light, is never going to be particularly pleasant. And at 7 AM, in between obsessively checking the board to see if your gate is open, what you really want is a dependable Pret filter coffee and ham croissant, followed by a quick pint in Spoons and a Meal Deal from Boots for the plane.

But at Newcastle Airport, there is now a more unusual offering in the departures lounge: kebabs.

Opening this week, catering outlet Pita and Brew will serve pulled pork, chicken, and dubiously named "kebab meat" in pita bread to passengers awaiting their flights. Sure, a styrofoam box filled with slivers of mystery meat, grease-soaked bread, chili sauce, and a few shredded lettuce pieces for good measure can be a great antidote to a night of heavy boozing. But is fatty meat and garlic mayo really the best thing to eat right before a bumpy take off? According to the commercial manager of Newcastle Airport, the answer is yes.

Dean Ward told local news website Chronicle Live: "This is a grab-and-go concept and offers something a little bit different and it comes as a result of feedback we have had from customers. We also believe the fact you can have your order boxed to take on the plane with you will prove very popular."

Shish on a plane? We'll stick with the Boots Meal Deal, thanks.

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