"It's Live" at a Party That Trim and Manchester Hypes Just Took Over

We're premiering the visuals for their crisp AF collab right here.

by Noisey Staff
05 June 2017, 11:07am

It's coming to that time of year, isn't it? When every long and warm evening stretches out into a shrinking horizon point of opportunity, and later sunsets automatically push the sesh into the sort of times you'd usually associate with starting your day, rather than ending the one before. In essence: summer is battling its way through the clouds to get here, and most evenings start to crackle with the sense of anticipation that anything could happen, anything could turn into a party, any chance encounter could become a new friendship.

That seems to be the vibe at play in this latest video for grime underground stalwart Trim. You may know the massively talented MC from his Roll Deep days. You may have come to recognise his tongue-twisting rhymes without needing to flick over to a track credits. Or, for all we know, you may have never heard of him before but liked the look a lad lighting up a little zoot in this article thumbnail and figured, 'fuck it, I'll click.' Either way, welcome to the official and real premiere of "It's Live" the latest single from Manchester Hypes featuring Trim. The visuals have that 'could be anytime between midnight and 7AM at a house party' feel, when those most dedicated to the turn up are either eager to arrive early or determined to keep the night going until the neighbours are up mowing their lawns and running errands. Get into it above.

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It's Live