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The Raised Up Right Issue

Looking at Ben Pier's Photos Is Better Than Eating Burritos or Wanking to Pornhub

He reads books and rides bikes, instead.

by Ben Pier
05 November 2012, 9:00am

Two photos from this selection by Ben PIer appeared in the table of contents section of VICE's The Raised Up Right Issue. All of these images are from a new body of work by Ben Pier. Ben's previous book, Teenage Teeth, is available now and makes us feel like we’re 14 and smoking cigarettes in the parking lot behind Arby’s again. Check out his website at and read what he has to say about his pictures below:

Whoa, have you heard the new Converge record? Holy Shit. I'm listening to it right now. It's amazing...  I'm not even a huge fan of that band or anything, but damn, it's totally worth a listen – unless you're a girl, because then you'd hate it.

OK. So yeah, I'm working on a new book, which means I have to go out and shoot a ton of stuff. Whenever I get an idea, I let the work roll around wherever it wants. Then, after I think I have a good amount of images to choose from, I work out the vibe and ideas I want to communicate in the edit. So this set is a look into that process at its earliest stage.

Also, when starting a project I try to surround myself with good shit that gets my mind going. Like instead of feverishly jacking off to Pornhub, sleeping in and eating burritos, I'll read books and ride bikes and eat burritos.

How are you going to be great if you don't study greatness?

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Featured in VICE's "The Raised Up Right Issue"

Featured in VICE's "The Raised Up Right Issue"