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One, Two, Three, Four, Five, 69: How Much Does Lil Wayne Rap About Going Down on Women?

One brave soul set out to perform a statistical analysis of the data available.
23 December 2016, 10:08am

Lil Wayne is one of the most talented rap lyricists of all time, and his bars cover topics that span from obscure sports references to clever boasts about how high he's found himself to his passion for skateboarding. But to anyone who has listened to Lil Wayne's music in the last few years, one theme has emerged above all: Wayne loves talking about eating pussy. In a review of his 2013 album I Am Not a Human Being II, Rolling Stone's Jody Rosen went so far as to say, "He raps almost exclusively about sex, especially oral sex; there may be more cunnilingus metaphors in these 15 songs than in all previous pop music combined." But is that really true? How much does Lil Wayne talk about giving head? At this point, there's no disputing it's a passion, and some intrepid fans have discussed trying to compile a comprehensive list of his references. Hoping to find some answers, I set out to perform a statistical analysis of the data available.

Wayne has unquestionably ushered in a broader acceptance of talking about cunnilingus in rap—these days, the topic is mainstream—but how did we get here? Was Wayne always a fan of going down south like Louisiana, or did he acquire his taste for the sweeter things at a certain point in his career? Before we can even get into what I learned from listening to 206 Lil Wayne songs and recording every reference to eating pussy, I have to apologize. I wanted to listen to absolutely every Wayne song, but it was far, far, too much. Between features, mixtapes, albums, and leaks, Lil Wayne has possibly recorded more songs than any other artist in history. To compare, Bob Dylan has recorded around 522 songs. Elvis Presley has something in the neighborhood of 743. Lil Wayne? (premier headquarters for Wayne-heads) estimates that Wayne has released 1,715 songs throughout his career.

I listened to all 12 of his studio albums and only heard 12 percent of his entire catalog. This analysis does not include group albums, mixtapes, compilation albums, bonus tracks, features, or leaks. Despite these caveats, I believe there is something to be garnered from Wayne's impressive studio album output. What I learned is that a lot of these songs talk about eating pussy. Let's start at the beginning.

Tha Block is Hot (1999)

Wayne's age at release:17
Cunnilinguistics: After two albums with the Hot Boys, Wayne releases his solo debut. In accordance with his mother's wishes, Wayne's verses are almost entirely free of profanity. Minor uses of "fuck" appear here and there, but in general this is Wayne's cleanest album. He doesn't even use the word "pussy."
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 0
Best bar: N/A

Lights Out (2000)

Wayne's age at release: 18
Cunnilinguistics: The Block is Hot goes platinum. Wayne is a superstar at age 18. He's ready to curse but not ready to give head. On track four, "Hit You Up," Wayne uses the word "pussy" for the first time in his career—a sign of what is to come. Track 17, "Biznite," details three sexual encounters. In each one Wayne has a great time with a girl, but when they ask for a kiss, he replies, "Biznite, is you stupid?" In just eight years time Wayne will go from "Biznite, is you stupid?" to proclaiming that he will die unless he can eat pussy.
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 1
Best bar: N/A

500 Degreez (2002)

Wayne's age at release: 19
Cunnilinguistics: Three albums in and no references to cunnilingus. 500 Degreez peaked at number six on the Billboard 200, but it failed to chart at all on my made up rankings of albums that talk about eating box. Zero stars.
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 1
Best bar: N/A

Tha Carter (2004)

Wayne's age at release: 21
Cunnilinguistics: In 2004 Wayne released the first album in what would become his most legendary series. "Go DJ" became Wayne's most popular single and would remain so for the next four years. This is remarkable because the song contains no features, no bars, and no references to eating pussy. A true pop anomaly.
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 2
Best bar: N/A

Tha Carter II (2005)

Wayne's age at release: 23
Cunnilinguistics: Wayne is 23 years old, and there are two options. 1) Wayne has never eaten pussy. 2) He has and has chosen to keep it a secret or, at the very least, out of his music. The answer is probably number two, but it's much funnier to believe the first one, so I will. There are a bunch of good songs on this, like "Fly In" and "Fireman," but still no allusions to giving lip service.
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 2
Best bar: N/A

Like Father, Like Son (2006)

Wayne's age at release: 24
Cunnilinguistics: It's not even that much of a stretch to believe that Wayne has never given head before. At this point Wayne is 24 and has yet to mention it one time in six albums. For someone who raps about sex so much you'd think he could use the extra material. On track three, "Stuntin' Like my Daddy," Wayne says, "I must've fucked a thousand bitches and they girlfriends." Is it possible that Wayne's had sex over 1,000 times and never once given head? Is it? Is it possible
References to eating pussy: 0
Pussy Meter: 2
Best bar: N/A

Tha Carter III (2008)

Wayne's age at release: 25
Cunnilinguistics: Something happened to Wayne when he turned 25. It's possible that he stopped caring about the immense masculine pressure of braggadocio rap and finally allowed himself to speak on it. It's possible he simply never had the idea to put it in a song before. But the best possible explanation is that until he was 25, Wayne had never eaten pussy before. He thought it was gross, never needed to, then one day he tried it and boy did he love it. He loved it so much he went from never mentioning it in a song to dedicating an entire anthem to it. Track 14, the appropriately titled "Pussy Monster," is Wayne's magnum opussy. The David Banner produced ballad did not top the charts, but it used the word "pussy" 77 times, setting a formidable record in its own right. "Pussy Monster" almost didn't make it to the album. We have a lawsuit from the Rolling Stones to thank for its inclusion. "Pussy Monster" served as a replacement track after a legal attack forced the original track 14 "Playing With Fire" off the album.
References to eating pussy: 81
Pussy Meter: 10
Best bar: "I hope she make me eat my words / Cuz my words is pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy."

Rebirth (2010)

Wayne's age at release: 27
Cunnilinguistics: After a record setting performance in Tha Carter III, it briefly appeared that Wayne had gotten all the pussy out of his system. His rap-rock album was received poorly at best and also poorly at worst. More importantly, after using the word "pussy" 83 times in his previous album he refuses to say it once in the entire 12-track LP. A mammoth artistic step backwards.
References to eating pussy: 1
Pussy Meter: 4
Best (only) bar: "Mr. Doctor Carter with my hand up a nurse skirt / Suck me like soup and I'll eat you like surf and turf."

I Am Not a Human Being (2010)

Wayne's age at release: 28
Cunnilinguistics: It's true that Wayne wavered from the path, but he never strayed. I Am Not a Human Being marks the beginning of what can only be referred to as the "pussy era." The lucky few who began listening to Wayne here know him not for "A Milli" or "wobblety wobblety" but as the guy who raps about pussy a lot.
References to eating pussy: 3
Pussy Meter: 6
Best bar: "Pussy for lunch, pop all the balloons and spit in the punch"

Tha Carter IV (2011)

Wayne's age at release: 28
Cunnilinguistics: Wayne is in full form. He emphatically boasts about giving head with the same enthusiasm other rappers can only revere for receiving it. Why rap about coke after Clipse? Why rap about weed after Curren$y? Why rap about pussy after Wayne?
References to eating pussy: 4
Pussy Meter: 6
Best bar: "I like my girl thick, not just kinda fine / Eat her till she cry; call that 'wine and dine'"

I Am Not a Human Being II (2013)

Wayne's age at release: 30
Cunnilinguistics: On Wayne's 11th album, it's time to explore the social consequences of the music. The rapper is inspiring a generation of male listeners to give head like no other artist has. Not only does Wayne like to do it, he loves to do it. Boys all over the nation are exploring Wayne's favorite pastime. A seventh grader in Wisconsin eats pussy during recess because Wayne's music told him to. Do not miss track 14 on this album. The Soulja Boy-produced "Wowzers" will do to pussy eating music what "Closing Time" did for closing time music.
References to eating pussy: 27
Pussy Meter: 9
Best Bar: "I beat it up like a fist fight / One, two, three, four, five, 69"

Free Weezy Album (2015)

Wayne's age at release: 32
Cunnilinguistics: Victory lap. The 5'5" gangsta rapper from New Orleans has become the best to ever do it. Future rhymesayers dare not tread near the topic for fear of Wayne comparisons. Anyone with box bars begs to be called a biter. Someday in the 17th Ward a subgenre of rap will be formed where you only talk about eating pussy. Yung Pus's single, "I Eat Dat" will get 53 million plays on SoundCloud. The influence is tangible, but no one will ever do it better.
References to eating pussy: 4
Pussy Meter: 6
Best bar: "I fuck her so good, so proper / She say my name in Opera / I turn into a piranha / then eat it like tilapia."

Asher Dakota is an esteemed data scientist based in LA. Follow him on Twitter.