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Your Favourite Bands Are Doing A Charity Covers Show to Benefit Refugees

Wolf Alice, Swim Deep, Years & Years and more are teaming up for the one off London gig.

by Lauren O'Neill
18 November 2016, 10:35am

The current worldwide refugee crisis has been one of the major headlines of 2016. It's difficult to remember a time when we've not been constantly confronted with news reports from the camps around Europe, as well as with the reality of the UK's lukewarm response to a cry for help that is over 60 million voices loud.

The music world has attempted to do its part where it can, with singer Lily Allen most recently taking a public stand (read her essay for VICE​ about it here), and next month a whole heap of the UK's favourite indie bands will join in.

Members of Wolf Alice, Swim Deep, Years & Years, Superfood, Peace, Black Honey, Bloody Knees, Slaves, Spector and probably every other UK outfit you can possibly imagine will unite at London's Kamio on December 5 for Bands4refugees​, the covers show to end all covers shows, all for the benefit of refugee charity HelpRefugees. 

Wolf Alice's Ellie Rowsell has been one of the driving forces behind the event. When we asked her about why she felt so compelled to help, she told us, "A scary lack of compassion has been displayed by a large portion of the British people making it more important than ever to reiterate that we stand with refugees and that we urge our government to prioritise and help the estimated 63.5 million displaced men, women and children across the globe."

"Bands4refugees is a night set up by Wolf Alice, Swim Deep and friends. We've gathered together our musical peers to stand in solidarity with refugees, to encourage our fans to do the same and to raise as much money as we can in aid of the current crisis."

So basically, a ticket means that you to watch some of the UK's finest talent covering a number of certified tunes, whilst also helping a very worthy cause. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal. Grab tickets here​.

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(Image by Paul Hudson via Flickr​)

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