Read Poems by Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean From the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ Zine

There aren't many people who can make poems cool, but there are definitely a few.

by Daisy Jones
22 August 2016, 10:17am

There aren’t many people who can make poems cool, but there are a few. Patti Smith is one of them. The late Jock Scott is another. Nick Cave isn't bad either. Neither is PJ Harvey. And now, in Frank Ocean’s new zine Boy’s Don’t Cry, there are a bunch of other musicians who have lent their talents to words without music, making us think that maybe poems are the dopest, and not just the reason we had to read that soul sucking anthology over and over again at school.

Anyway, we’ve already told you about Kanye’s tale of deception, intrigue and jealousy told via McDonalds products (this is a legitimate thing that happened. Here are some iconic lines: “The salad bar and the ketchup made a band, cus the french fries had a plan, the french fries had a plan.”) But there are some other poems in there also, namely Frank Ocean’s own poem “Boyfriend” and Tyler the Creator’s poem “Tricolor”. As the title suggests, Frank’s is a poem about a boyfriend who sounds beautiful and perfect. Tyler’s is a little more abstract, and features a bunch of cinematic poeticisms related to driving through the city.

Read Tyler the Creator's “Tricolor” below, and scroll down to read Frank Ocean's “Boyfriend”:

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